Integrated Refundable Ticketing

TicketGuardian is changing the status quo surrounding tickets & registrations by powering specialized event ticket insurance. They provide robust "refundable ticket" technology to replace the traditional “no refunds” policy associated with ticketing and registration.

Customers enjoy peace of mind with a fully protected ticket should circumstances change.

Operators can enjoy maximized revenues, increased loyalty & reduced scalping with the added benefit of driving early ticket sales.

Information collected from various organizers in live events industries have suggested that on average between 3% & 15% of the audience are “no-shows” for whatever reason.

While this varies, any no-show equates to lost purchase revenues on food, drinks & merch.

Furthermore a “no show” also only has few options to get their money back.

This is usually to sell on a secondary website, fan exchange or otherwise.

TicketGuardian issues the refund directly to the customer filing a claim.

This means the promotor/organizer keeps 100% of the initial purchase, all fees, taxes, etc.

Tickets and registrations refunded by TicketGuardian API, can also potentially be returned to the promoters/organizers inventory.

By allowing the resale of that ticket, the organizer can control the inventory. The organizer will benefit from the increase in onsite sales revenue by ensuring maximum “bums on seats”.

No Longer Forced onto the Secondary Market, "Refundable Tickets" Circle Back into YOUR Inventory. This Means Now You CONTROL & You PROFIT from the Secondary Sale.

Let that sink in for a minute.....


Discover How the TicektGuardian API Easily Integrates With ANY Event & ANY Ticketing Platform