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Easily Take Safety Compliance To The Next Level.

A new weapon in the War on Festivals

State of the art modular event software designed to help operators combat the NSW Music Festival Licence.

A unique peer to peer event safety system is created to gathered live audience data. This data is utilized to monitor & increase audience safety in real time.

Post-event evaluation of the data can then be leveraged to provide quantifiable evidence to the licensing authorities of compliance to the highest standards of health and safety.

No hardware is required.

Increditation’s software licenses are supplied with award winning “Appmiral” event apps.

App users are provided with rich, customizable content.

Artist and event info, music and news feed directly from the event to the device.

The integrated Colocator module crowd-sources location data & records re-playable heat maps visualizing exactly how the crowd is moving.

For events that already have an app, an SDK is supplied for easy integration.

Appmiral Festival Apps
Colocator software helps promoter comply to the NSW Music Licence Regulations

Pre-determined chillout areas & water stations are geo-fenced.

An algorithm can then be configured to identify attendees at risk based on their location history. Timely notifications to rest and rehydrate are targeted based on local conditions

Geofencing, ensures the message contains relevant information where the nearest chillout or free water is available.

Granular post-event analytic are used to evaluate the impact of the messaging and report metrics of onsite use of facilities.

Operators can now be armed with quantitative proof to demonstrate to the authorities the highest safety standards.

Harness the power of the crowd!

Join over 100 of the worlds biggest music & sporting events